Suzy Bradley


"Sara Moore"

Since little is known about the axe murder victims and current photos at their time of death in 1912 were not available, Suzy Bradley was commissioned to create full color "aged" portraits of all eight subjects. Color, it was thought, would "make the victims real" for the audience. Sara was 39 when she was murdered and approximately 34 in this newspaper clipping photograph.


Newspaper clipping courtesy of and Copyright by, The Villisca Review.

All Rights Reserved.

A photograph sent to the Rundles of Suzy's intial rendering in pastel begins a process of adjustment and revision.
Hair and eye color are modified according to memories of family members and friends of the Moore family.
Kelly creates a sketch "overlay" to indicate refinements in Sara's features.
Suzy captures Sara's warmth and humanity in this completed pastel portrait.


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