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Notary Statement



I, J M Johnson, being first duly sworn on oath depose and say that on the 11th and 18th day of June, A D 1912, in the coroner's inquest of A Linquist, Coroner, I reported the testimony of Mary E Peckhan [Peckham], Ed Selley, Dr J C Cooper, Jessie Moore, Dr Williams, Edward H Landers, R R moore [Moore], Fenrrk [Fenwick] Moore, J H Horton, Lee Van Gilder, Harry E Moore, Blanche Marie Stillinger, Joseph Thomas Stillinger and Charles A Moore, given in the inquest of J B Moore, Mrs J B Moore, Herman Moore, Katerine [Katherine} Moore, Boyd Moore, Paul Moore, Ina Stillinger and Lena Stillinger, in short hand fully truly and correctly, and that the foregoing 95 pages of typescript are and contain a full true and correct transcript of the testimony of said witnesses given at said inquest.

Subscribed and sworn to before me by J M Johnson, this 16th day of July A D, 1912.


Notary Public

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