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Mary Peckham

Having first been duly sworn on oath testified as follows:

By Mr. Ratcliff:

Q    What is your name?

A    Mary E Peckhan [Peckham]

Q    Mary E Peckhan?

A    Mary E P-e-c-k-h-a-n.

By the Coroner:

Q    You live next door to this J B Moore?

A    Yes.

Q    How long, – - were you acquainted with Joe More [Moore] and his family?

A    Yes, Sir.

Q    How long had you known them?

A    Oh, I think they lived any way about thirteen yers. I have know them for years.

Q    Where from your house do they live, Mrs. Peckhan? [Peckham]

A    Right directly east.

Q   Next house east from you?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    How far is that house from your place?

A    Well I, - -

Q    Well about, - - in feet, about what?

A    Say how long is it Dr. Lomas? Twenty feet.

Q    Just what is your best judgement?

A    Well, I don’t know.

Q    You live the first house east?

A    No.

Q    Your house is then?

A    No, we live west of them.

Q    You live the first house west?

A    Yes.

Q    Who, - - what did his family consist of, who were the members of it?

A    His wife and four children.

Q    So you know hat his wife’s name was?

A    Sarah.[Sara]

Q    And the names of the children?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    You may give them?

A    Herman the eldest, and Katherine and Boyd and Paul.

Q    Did you see them on Sunday, the ninth of June?

A    What was last Sunday?

Q    Yes.

A    Yes, sir.

Q    How late on that day, did you see them?

A    Oh, just before they went to church.

Q    In the evening?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    Did you see them after they came home from church?

A    No.

Q    Did you notice a light there?

A    No.

Q    Now, Mrs. Peckhan [Peckham], you may tell in your own words anything and everything you know about this matter, the happenings of Sunday night at that house?

A    Sunday night, - - don’t know anything at all.

Q    Anything that you have heard, - - did you hear any unusual noise there that night?

A    Not a sound.

Q    Not a sound?

A    No.

Q    What time did you retire Sunday evening?

A    A little after eight.

Q   Yes.

A    I did not go to church, so I went to bed.

Q    What time Monday morning did you arrise? [arise]

A    Between four and five.

Q    Between Four and Five. And did you go out doors?

A    Yes, we did the washing.

Q    It was probably five o’clock before you went. You know what time it was when you got our in the yard?

A    No, I don’t, I was out and in all the morning.

Q    But it was quite early?

A    Yes.

Q    It was between five and six when you was going on your, - -

A    Between five and six.

Q    Did you notice anything unusual about the house?

A    Not anything at all.

Q    When did you notice something unusual, what time was it?

A    Why it must have, - - it was between seven and eight.

Q    Between seven and eight?

A    Yes.

Q    What was it then that called your attention?

A    It was such an odd stillness, and I wondered where they were, I always saw the children, and all of them, - - Mr. Moore was a very early riser, and everything was quiet and the curtains were down.

Q    Something very unusual?

A    Oh, yes, for that time in the morning.

Q    And then what did you think about it, while,--

A    Why, I did not think anything at first, I wondered if they had over-slept or something of that kind, I did not think it was anything serious.

Q    What did you do, –did you take any part in finding out what was wrong?

A    Yes, in just a few minutes, I did not hear anything and I went over and tried to get in the door and everything was locked, and I heard the chickens, they had quite a good number of chickens, and I let them out, and I went to the barn and the horses were tied, and I thought they hadn’t been feed [fed], and I looked out where they had the cows standing and they hadn’t been milked.

Q    What did you do then?

A    Well, I think I telephoned to Ross Moore, - - to the house.

Q    And you told them about this?

A    No, I did not tell them. I just simply said, "Is there anything happened down at your Father’s place". Thought perhaps the old gentleman had dropped off, and I did not care to call up the house, so I called up Ross at home, and they said "No". I did not talk to Ross, I talked with his wife.

Q    And then what did you notice, you noticed after that some body come down to the house?

A    Not, until after I got up, I got this man Selley to come up and feed the horses, I told them the horses hadnt been feed [fed].

Q    He came up and fed the horses, but did not try to get in the house?

A    Before he went back, and said he would send the boy up to milk.

Q    Did you go in with any body, one of the first to go into the house that morning?

A    I went in with Selley.[She means Ross Moore]

Q    He came back?

A    Yes, I called him.

Q    And you was with him?

A    Yes.

Q    You found the doors locked at that time?

A    Yes.

Q    He had a key?

A    He had a string of keys.

Q    And found one that would open the door?

A    Yes.

Q    Did you go in the room with him?

A    I came into the other room.

Q    And he went in further?

A    He opened the parlor door, in the kitchen then he walked around and peeked in the bed room, and came right out.

Q    What did he say at the time?

A    He said, I am afraid there is something awful happened, there is blood in the beds, then we came out.

Q    But left the house.

A    We sent for the marshall [Marshall].

Q    Staid [stayed] until the marshall [Marshall] came?

A    We had telephoned him to come, perhaps his wife, I don’t remember, it was quite exciting.

Q    Yes, that is all that you know about the happenings of Sunday night or Monday Morning [morning]?

A    Yes, I did not hear anything at all Monday morning, or Sunday evening.

Q    You did not hear any noises there Sunday afternoon?

A    No, oh just the children, these Stillinger girls were there.

Q    They were there Sunday afternoon?

A    Yes, I think they came in with them home and staid [stayed] all night.

Q    You don’t know what time they came in?

A    No, along in the afternoon, I saw them perhaps three o’clock. I don’t think they came home with them from church.

Q    You know if there was any other visitors there Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening?

A    I don’t think so because they were at church Sunday evening.

Dr. Lomas:

Q    Did you see anything of the key that belonged to the door when you went into the house?

A    No, it wasn’t there.

Q    It wasn’t there?

A    There was no key in the key hole, because Ross used his key and he opened right off.

Q    It had been locked with a key?

A    Yes, and the key was gone.

Mr. Wickersham:

Q    When he pushed the key in to unlock the door, there was no key on the inside?

A    No, not anything at all.


Q    When you first went there, there was no one but Ross and you?

A    That is all, I had been over there two or three times, but I could not get in.


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