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Lee VanGilder

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination,


Q    What is your full name?

A    John Lee Van Gilder.

Q    You reside in Villisca?

A    In Villisca, I make my home here, I work around.

Q    Who are you working for at the present time?

A    C E Means.

Q    Have you been in town recently?

A    I was in town Sunday night.

Q    Sunday night?

A    Saturday night, also.

Q    And about what time did you leave Villisca, Sunday evening?

A    I left Villisca when Porter Marsh closed his restaurant probably about 12 o'clock.

Q    12 o'clock. Have you received any communication from your father recently?

A    No, sir, I have not received any at all.

Q    Do you know where he is at the present time?

A    I do not.

Q    You do not know whether your Mother has received any letters from him recently?

A    No.


Q    About how often do you see your Mother usually?

A    When she was keeping house for Mr Rendell, I saw her about every week, sometimes I don't see her once a month.

Q    Never said anything to you about having heard or your Father?

A    I went out to Crimsons Saturday night and Sunday I went over to my Grandfathers, she staid [stayed] there to his house there Sunday morning, and Sunday about one o'clock, why Harry Stone come down and he went into the country with her. She did not, never said any thing.


Q    You were in town on Saturday night?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    Did you see Joe Moore that evening or Saturday afternoon?

A    No, sir, I saw him Sunday about 1 o'clock, I was standing in front of Stillians, I think, one of the Stillians boys, I would not say which one, and he stepped down and I went over to Joe, spoke to him.

Q    Were you up in my office Saturday night?

A    No, sir.


Q    You wasn't down to Joe's on Sunday afternoon?

A    No, I was down town all Sunday afternoon.

Q    Were you around the livery barn Saturday night, east barn?

A    No, I wasn't down there when these fellows, when these fellows got in the fight, I was down at the reastaurant [restaurant] then.

Q    You were not there when the fight occurred?

A    No, sir.

Q    Any strangers around there that night?

A    I could not say. Not as I saw.


Q    In leaving town which way did you go from town?

A    On Sunday night?

Q    On Sunday night.

A    My farmer, I work for, Peter House, Joe Beason and I were down to the resturant [restaurant], and he come in with Foreman Winters, and we walked up to where Woodward's office is, his horse was tired, and my horse was on the other side, and untied them and walked up to the Villisca First National Bank, out the corner here and come right straight east right out of town, first road running north.


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