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Harry Moore

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination,


Q    What is your full name?

A    Harry E Moore.

Q    You reside in Villisca?

A    How is that?

Q    Where do you reside?

A    In Villisca.

Q    Were you, --you were here Sunday evening?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    When did you see Joe Moore last?

A    Last I saw him was two weeks ago Sunday, was up at the house, --father's house.

Q    Do you know anything in regard to Joe Moore's family affairs or business affairs, that might give us some clue of this tragedy?

A    No, sir, I haven't. I don't know as there is anything in the family at all.


Q    Any member of your family have any reason to fear any action from this man Moyer?

A    Well, I was talking to Mr. Selley, Joe's man yesterday on the street, and I got to talking, you know, and he said they were talking in the store one day about relatives and Joe mentioned, it was only one fellow that he knew that had it in for him, said that his brother in law, threatened him.

Q    Is it true that the Moore Boys took care of Mrs. Moyer and her children during the time that they were deserted by the husband?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    Did Joe Moore ever say anything to you about writing to Sam Moyer to see if he couldn't get Sam to do something for their support?

A    Yes, sir, I think Joe wrote that and forwarded, --we most generally went to Joe to do these things, he was father's oldest boy.

Q    Joe then took the lead in this matter?

A    Yes.

Q    Do you know whether or not there was any correspondence passed between them, --did Joe ever hear from Sam Moyer?

A    I know he has wrote him, but I don't remember whether he got an answer to his letter or not. I think Mrs Fisher, is the only one, he answered her letters.

Q    It is true that you two boyes [boys] felt rather indifferent?

A    How is that.

Q    Is it not true that you fellows felt rather unfriendly over Moyers treatment of his family?

A    It is hard to feel any other way, Doctor.

Q    Is it possible that Joe could have written Moyer, --made him stuck up, and made him vindictative [vindictive]?

A    I don't know he has wrote him letters at all, because Mrs Fisher is the only one that he ever answers letters, that is wrote to him.

Q    What in your opinion was Sam Moyer's disposition?

A    Well, he is just as Ross said, he is kind of a grouch, he wasn't a mean man, I mean to his family, only in the way, getting up and leaving them, you see he left them here and went away.

Q    He was of a very peculiar nature? Getting in, --just picking up, and without saying anything, or telling his wife where he was going to?

A    He was a man that did not like to work any too well.

Q    Did he have any regular occupation?

A    He was a carpenter when he worked.


Q    Did he seem to be a man of violent temper?

A    No, he did not, --the man did not have much to say.

Q    To your knowledge did Sam Moyer have any other trouble with another man here?

A    You see him and his own brother never got along well, that is Gum out here, don't think they ever spoke until the Mother died, then they kind of half way, didn't seem much on good terms.

Q    Did it ever occur to you, --ever discuss in your family that Moyer might possible be unbalanced in his mind?

A    No.

Q    Can you in your own mind account for this occasion?

A    No, sir, I can not, unless it would be him.


Q    Have they in any time in years past kept roomers?

A    No.

Q    Except?

A    Well, no, when they lived right across the street from my father's why, I think Joe used to board with them. There was no hard feeling then.

Q    I mean in Joe's family?

A    No.

Q    Any outsider board or room with him?

A    No. I think not, to my memory.


Q    Didn't she room a school teacher, one two or three years ago?

A    Miss Wise. It kind of seems to me she did.

Q    Don't know of any one else ever roomed, --

A    No, I would not say Miss Wise staid [stayed] there.

Q    Have you talked with your sister, Mrs Fisher, since this happening?

A    No.

Q    Haven't talked to her.


Q    You know nothing about this Van Gilder that was reported, -

A    I heard he was here, and I looked it up, and it is all hearsay from the start.


Q    Did you see any one that said that they had seen him?

A    No, we was talk [talking] that George Ross, that he saw him, and he said he did not. I don't think any one would know him if they saw him he was just here at one time that was ten or eleven years ago.


Q    You would not know whether the ax that was found, --you did not even see the ax?

A    I did not even see the ax, I was not to the house.

Q    You would not know it if you saw it?

A    No, Selley says it was the ax, --Joe's ax.

Q    Selley says that it was.

A    Yes.

BY THE CORONER: That will be all, Mr Moore.

Inquest is adjourned until further called.


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