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Marshal J. H. "Hank" Horton

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination,


Q    What is your full name?

A    J. H. Horton.

Q    You was on duty last Monday morning?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    You tell us in your own way just who called you and what you did Monday morning in regard to this Joe Moore tragedy her in, --

A    Mr Selley called me about 8:15, I should judge or 8:30, some where along between 8:15 and 8:30, that I had to go with him, he did not tell me what was wrong until we got near the Ross Moore [Joe Moore] home, and I went down and Ross More, just had backed off of the proch [porch], and he told me that he was afraid there was something wrong, for me to go in, I and Mr Selley went in, went down in the down stairs room, and discovered the ones in the bed down stairs and then we wet upstairs, discovered some on in each bed. We did not touch any thing, but I come and got Dr Cooper, --Dr Cooper to go with me, then Dr Hough comes up with him as we were going down there, and the three of us went up together and went in the rooms and went out together.

Q    You did not notice any oder [odor] of any chloroform when you came in?

A    No, not that I could notice.

Q    Where [Were] the faces all covered up?

A    All covered up and the faces were covered up.

Q    And the curtains were all down?

A    All down, curtains were all down.

Q    Mr Ross Moore had opened the door when you came?

A    He had unlocked the door.

BY THE CORONER: --That will be all.


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