January 2001

We began our 2001 odyssey with a visit from our key historical consultant, Dr. Ed Epperly, and his wife, Joyce. Dr. Epperly has studied the history surrounding the axe murders for over 45 years. The couple took a three-week break from the sub-zero temperatures of their home in Decorah, Iowa, and traveled to "sunny" Southern California.  It was raining.  They stopped in Los Angeles for a few days to see the sites and survey progress of Villisca: Living With A Mystery.

The Epperly's viewed about an hour of the documentary rough-cut on the flat-bed editor at Fourth Wall, in addition to examining archival materials, photographs and other visuals that will be used in the finished film.

LEFT: Dr. Ed Epperly sits at the Steenbeck at Fourth Wall Films pouring over a map of the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad (C.B. & Q.) circa 1916.

From the Gazetteer of American Railroads -- 1916

Joyce and Ed Epperly on a sunset walk in the Venice Canal neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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