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Ed Selley

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination

By Mr. Ratcliff:

Q    You have been sworn Mr. Selley?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    You are in the employ, – - or were in the employ of Joe Moore?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    Work at the store for him?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    Did you open the store on Monday morning?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    When was the last time that you saw Joe Moore alive?

A    About half past three Sunday afternoon, I think.

Q    Where was that?

A    He was just about where the post office is.

Q    On the street you met him?

A    Yes, sir, I was in the buggy.

Q    You go on and tell fully in your own words first that you knew about this Monday morning, and how it was brought to your attention, and what you did?

A    Well, I expect it was right around 8 o’clock when I left the store.

Q    Monday morning, 10th of June?

A    Mr. Ross Moore called me and said is Joe Moore there, and I said No, he is not yet, and says this Mr. Selley, and I says, yes its me. He says this is Mr. Ross Moore, where do you suppose Joe is, he is not at home, well I says, perhaps his father is sick, I says I will call down there over the mutual phone. He was talking to me over the bell phone, have them both in the store, so I called down there, and I says is this Moore’s and lady answered, and she says no this is Joe’s Mother, I says, has he been there this morning, so she says he hasn’t been there.

Q    Ross Moore’s folks?

A Mr. Ross Moore’s folks, and Mrsx [Mrs.] Peckhan [Peckham] rung and talked with me and she says is Mr. Moore there, I says No, he hasnt [hasn’t] come yet, said she their [there] aint nobody around here to do the chores, the cows aint milked nor the horses aint feed [fed]. I says that is kind of strange. He aint been here. I was waiting for him to fetch the team down so I could go to the country, he always does that in the morning. I set out to feed the horses and chores, and she said they ought to be fed, so I told the other fellow that works there at the store, that I was going up to attend to the stuff that Joe was away, did not know where he was. Mrs Peckhan [Peckham] was waiting for me. She says, I just wonder what became of him, I says, I could not say, did not know, did not have any idea where they was, and I walked just across between the two houses and down to the barn, and there was the horses and they saw me coming, and they began to nicker, and I went in and gave them some feed, and she says that is an awful uncommon thing, I says it is indeed, there aint no use, they are not at home, that is what I thin, that Joe would be up in the morning, she says aint you going to milk. No, I says, I will go back and have Carl, I am going in the country, and so I says, I will have him, he has been used to milk the cows when Joe was gone, and I sent him down, and I went back to the store, and my father was there and he says did you find him I says No. I saw Mr. Horton, marshall [Marshall], he got into the street here, and just then the bell telephone rung again and I run to the telephone in the back end of the store from where I was standing, I says this if [is] Mr. Selley, she says, you have Ross Moore or Harry Moore and get Mr Horton or Hank Horton and come right down quick. We don’t know there is anything the matter, but she says, we are going to find out, so I just told father to stay there and wait in the store until we got back, and I went out on the street here and got Mr Horton and we went down to the house.

Q    Go on?

A    I don’t think that is, - -

Q    When you went down to the house, who were with you?

A    Mr Horton was along with me and Elmer Peckhan [Peckham], he started back to look for Mr Horton and he walked down along the side.

Q    Were you there when they opened the house and went in?

A    Well they said Mrs Peckhan [Peckham], Ross Moore and her opened the door before we got there, and Ross said I am awfully afraid something has happened here, let us go in, we will go in, and just went in and into that room and saw that blood, I says, I aint going no further, I got out and Harry Moore come down and says, Harry there has been happenings here, - - something happened around here, some body got killed, somebody been murdered and he says yes, you don’t say so. I says, sure has. I do not know what to make of it, Mr Horton says, there is somebody dead, or they have been killed in every bed, and they locked the door up xxx then and went and telephone for coroner, and sheriff, and I went back to the store, and called the John Deere people, and told them that he had been muxrdered [murdered], and advise me what to do with the store, and I had some trouble of getting to Omaha.

Q    How far in the house did you go, personally, you, yourself?

A    Me, well, just a few steps, just first time, I guess, I was ever in the house about.

Q    Well in the, - -

A    Just inside the door.

Q    The down stairs bed?

A    Yes, where the blood, - - I could see it on the white sheets or pillows of some kind.

Q    Did you go clear into the bed room?

A    Nox [No], not clear into the bed room.

Q    What next did you do?

A    I went out doors and met Horton and told him.

Q    Then next what did you do?

A    Then they locked the house up and then they went and called the sheriff and coroner, and I went back to the store.

Q    And the curtains were already open before you got there?

A    Before I got there the second time.

Q    Yes?

A    Yes. Mr Ross Moore and Mrs Peckhan [Peckham] had went in.

Q    Did you assist any one in making an examination as to the windows, or, - -

A    No, only when first we was down there, Mrs Peckhan [Peckham] says it is strange the windows are all down and the curtains are down.

Q    Have you been back there since?

A    Yes, sir, I was back there after I called the people at Omaha. I locked up the store and the boys come along. I think my father and I went down, possibly it was about half past ten.

Q    You go to the house that time?

A    No, I did not.

Q    Have you been to the house since that time?

A    No, I have not, no.


Q    I would like to ask if he has been handling correspondence for, - -

A    How is that?

Q    Have you been handling mail of the store?

A    Some of it, whenever I was there, and he was gone, he had given me privilege of signing his name and opening letters that, - - in regard to the store business.

Q    So far as you know any correspondence last two or three weeks throw any light?

A    No.

Q    Nothing in the correspondence? in [In] the last three weeks?

A    Nothing, as I have been there the last week a good deal of the time.

Q    How long?

A    Been working for him?

Q    Yes.

A    It will be a year the 11th of July.

Q    During that time you know him getting any letters?

A    Nothing that would amount to anything. May be somebody, business people they would doubt their accounts a little bit, may be that they got in a certain repair and they forgot about it, and sometimes a fellow would say he never got it, and possibly we would throw them out that is the only thing. Nothing that amounted to anything whatever.

Q    Never heard anything in your talk that he had any difficulty or anything?

A    Well, no, not exactly, he said he had relatives that did not like him the best on earth, and he did not like them.

Q    Is it true that Joe Moore told you at one time that his brother in law, Sam Moyer had threatened him?

A    Yes, he told me. We were talking about children one day, one day last winter, sitting around there and talking about how people would like children, and how he had run off and left his children. I said I did not see how he could do it.

Q    Did he say when?

A    No, he did not. He says, I got a brother in law that don’t like me. Said he would get even with me some time.

Q    Did you ever hear Joe Moore say in the last few weeks where Sam Moyer was?

A    No, I did not know the man, and that is the only time that I really recollect his ever mentioning his name, and I never saw the man. They reported him being in there Saturday in the store, but if there was a man in there, a strange [stranger] to me, it was while I was a dinner between eleven and twelve o’clock.

Q    Would you know Sam Moyer, if you saw him?

A    No, I do not know if I ever saw him, I would not know him. Never was acquainted with him.

Q    You don’t know whether Joe has got any threats there in the last three or four weeks?

A    How is that?

Q    You don’t know whether Joe has got any threats there in the last three or four weeks?

A    I think not. I generally get the mail every morning, and I always look over the mail, get papers and things that the John Deere people send out and open them, invoices on the goods he gets.

Q    Did you ever hear Joe Moore say anything in regard to the Moyer children and how he was caring for them?

A    No, I never, well he spoke about it, of them being down to their grandfathers there, and I think I heard him say that there was one staid [stayed] out at Pat Taylor’s out in the Country somewhere. He always spoke well of the children, in a loving way.

Q    Did you ever hear him say that Sam Moyer had sent out here requesting, that is about children being sent back to him?

A    No, I never heard him say.

Q    Did you ever have any further talk with Joe Moore in regard to Sam Moyer and his family?

A    No, I did not.

Q    You know whether he had any money on his person?

A    No, I took in the last money that was taken in Saturday night.

Q    He would not be, - -

A    That was bills, it was something like, there was one ten dollar bill and a dollar and fifty cents, I think in change, and I sold a buggy. We staid [stayed] until almost eight o’clock, and he paid me with a check, it was way late, he gave me the check, and the check is still down there. The money is banked every day.

Q    You don’t think he had money enough on his person to make any one think of robbery?

A    I would not think that the man, - - that it was over, well I would say that he had less than Twenty-five dollars in his pocket book, he was a man that did not carry much money on his person.


Q    But he always had some money?

A    He always had some change, we always carried a little expense money.


Q    What was done with this Ten Dollar bill?

A    That is still in the safe there in the store, money belongs to the store, that is all there.


Q    Had you noticed anytime within the past weeks or ten days any stranger hanging around the store?

A    No, I did not. Not a bit, no one.


Q    You are quite sure that Joe had money when he left Saturday evening?

A    I would think he had a little, because he always has some on him, - - draws out.


Q    Did you hear Mrs. Peckhan [Peckham] say anything about the shape of the window blinds were in, and how they were left. Anything unusual about them?

A    Oh, in the morning, she says, it is a queer thing, the blinds being pulled down, the windows all shut down to [too] tight.

Q    She say whether they were in the habit of being?

A    She said, it was unusual for them to have the windows down that way, and noticed Mr. Huff [Hough] then come, I think, some one made the remark about Mr. Montgomery being kind of poor, and I believe may be they are out there, I thought may be they are gone out there, some one come for them in an auto, and went to the mutual phone and called Montgomery’s, but they weren’t out there, hadn’t seen a thing of them.


Q    Joe did not seem to be worrying over anything at all?

A    No, the best of feeling, and he planed [planned] the next weeks [week’s] work Saturday night before we left the store. I was to go to Omaha one day this week, that was his calculations, next week I was to put up a flour set, he figured up his next week so we should work all the time.

Q    You say you did not notice any strangers at all around there?

A    No, I did not, not a stranger.


Q    Did you know of any business relations or deals he has had, other than the store?

A    No, no, I did not.

Q    No connection with any one else in business other than the relationship with the plow people?

A    No, he was not connected with any body else in any way that I know of.

Q    Know whether he made any deals in real estate or other real, - -

A    Well, he made a deal for them lots north of us in the, - - I think that was along in November last year, I do not remember, it was in the fall of the year. I expect may be some one else would know about the time that he dealt with Mr. Jackson.

Q    Did he talk to you about his private business ever?

A    Well, no.

Q    Is there anything about this in any way that you know that would add or throw any light?

A    I do not know in any way whatever, I was at a loss, I am surprised when they called me.

Q    We will excuse you unless we want to call you later?

A    I will be down here some where on the street.

Q    Yes, all right.


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