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Ed Landers

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination,


Q    What is your name?

A    Edward H Landers.

Q    You live near John Moore's home?

A    I am passing there for, staying near there -- at the present time, home with my mother.

Q    And how far from Joe Moore's house do you live?

A    Just the length of that block, well on the other side of the street, he is, -- well it is possibly three hundred feet?

Q    Three hundred feet?

A    May be three hundred and twenty five, something like that.

Q    You was there Sunday evening?

A    Yes.

Q    What time did you retire Sunday evening?

A    Why, I did not pay any particular attention to the time, but I asked my wife, when Mr Horton was down there about the time, she said about nine o'clock, possibly a little after.


Q    What is this winesses [witness'] name?

A    Landers.


Q    And did you sleep sound during the night?

A    Why, I don't think that I slept soundly, I did after I finally went to sleep, I did not waken up again until morning, we were talking possibly half or three quarters of an hour after we went to bed, and possibly I went to sleep, but I heard a sort of a sound that interested impressed me, like one boy hooting for another on the outside somewhere, and it come at regular intervals, and I thought, well possibly it might be something spilling down at the engine house, I heard the engine pumping at the same time, and sounded quite similar, sort of, if you blow in a bottle, or steam escaping from something, making a loud roaring sound, not like a whistle, I thought possibly it was the engine down there, did not connect that any more, and shortly I went to sleep.

Q    How many of those hoots did you hear?

A    Oh, may be three or four, may be four or five, it was just the noise, that is the hooting on that particular thing, they did not have any effect on my mind until the next day when I heard of this, and then it appeared to me that it might have been a woman's voice in a moan of some kind.

Q    About what time do you think it was, you did not go to sleep until late?

A    My opinion?

Q    Have you any idea?

A    I am of the opinion it must have been pretty close to 11 o'clock, or possibly later than that I must have been in a sort of a dooze [doze] by that time, because I did not hear my wife saying a word, and she was breathing like she was asleep, and I thought she had gone to sleep. I did not say anything to her at all, but it must have been around 11 o'clock, I should think.

Q    Is there any way at all that you can fix the time?

A    Nothing accurate.


Q    Is there a description to this hooting sound?

A    No, sire, well, I can't identify it, except something like that, some thing like that you know (Indicating with lips), only it was a different sound.

Q    Were there children playing in the neighborhood that evening, -- that night?

A    None, but my own, they were no children there, we went out from supper and was sitting out there talking and my little boys were around playing there in the yard, but as far as I can recollect I did not see their children that night.

Q    You saw no one in the neighborhood that afternoon that you did not know?

A    No, I did not. The Saturday morning, there was a man come over to my mother's door, and asked if there was any paper that we wanted cleaned, then I saw one join another man about half way down the block, going towards Lost [Lot's] place and those houses down that way, those were the only parties that I saw in that neighborhood, that were strangers to me, that was Saturday morning.

Q    How old a man was it?

A    The man who came to my door, I don't know, he was robust, stout, broad man, but did not interest impress me, and he went up to the door, and my wife answered the door, and he walked away, and I saw this other man, who was small and a sort of a mustache, and he carried a small grip and then I went into the house to see my wife, what did the man want, and she said he asked if we had any papers we needed cleaning, and he went away Saturday night about 10 o'clock, or possibly 10:15, my aunt's husband was there, and we were talking on the porch, and I heard moving in the high grass back of the old building, and it was quite a rustle, but I listened and I did not hear the rustle go any further than right back of that building, then it sort of come to me that it might be the neighbors going down the alley towards his home, I did not think any thing about it. Those were about the only things around there that sounded out of the ordinary, I did not know any thing about.


Q    Did you have any occasion to notice this Moore house Sunday evening?

A    No, nothing any more than just seeing it there, the same as I always did.

Q    Did you notice how late it was light up?

A    I did not see its reelctions [reflections] at all.


Q    Did not see any body around there at church time?

A    No, they might have been there, but we were eating supper, and I forget what time now, but it was possibly about 7 or 7:30, and was in the back awhile, and we went out and was sitting on the porch, and I did not pay any particular attention to the house whether there was any body leaving to go to church or not, they would go right by the front door, and we could only get a glimpse of them, if we saw them at all, unless they happened to come into the yard.


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