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Dr. J. Clark Cooper

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination,


Q    What is your initials?

A    J .C.

Q    J .C. You practice in Villisca?

A    Yes.

Q    When was you called Monday morning, --about what time was you called?

A    I would guess it was 8:15.

Q    8:15. And what was the message?

A    Hank Horton came up, I was sitting in my chair, I had been to the post office and got my paper, was reading then just came up and stuck his head in the door and says, "Come with me", I says, "What is the matter", and he said to come on, very much frightened, and then he managed to get out that Joe Moore and all his family were murdered in bed, so I put on my hat and went down, took my coat, and we came over to the house, and ran down in front of the Moore house and then we waited while he went over to Peckhan's [Peckham's] and got this bunch of keys, then Ross he said, when he was in the house that this one was locked when we arrived and Dr. Hough was at Peckhan's [Peckham's] and he came over Prysbeterian [Presbyterian] minister, and Hank unlocked the door, and we all went in.

Q    How many went in?

A    Four.

Q    Four went in?

A    Horton, Dr Hough, Mr Ewing and myself.

Q    Yes?

Q[A]    And we first went, --just stepped into the dining room and then went into the back parlor bed room, only parlor bed room there is down stairs, and all we could see was a arm of some one sticking from under the edge of the cover with the blood on the pillows, and I went over and lifted the covers, and saw what I supposed was a body, --some entire stranger, and a mere child at the back of the bed, I did not recognize them at all, neither did any of the people, the others then that were with me, and we merely saw that they were dead, and that there were only two in the bed and then we stepped out into the parlor and from there into the sitting room and waited until Hank came out and he dead the way up the stairs into the back room, I don't know how we went, but I know he went first, and we stepped up into that room, and as we turned the stairway, turned south, here was a lamp, and Hank reached down and sets the lamp out of the way.

Q    That was the big lamp?

A    What was the big stand lamp.

Q    With a chimney?

A    Was chimney on the lamp.

Q    You notice any other lamp in the house?

A    I did not.

Q    Did you tell Harry Ross [Harry or Ross Moore] that you noticed a lamp there?

A    I did not.

Q    On the street?

A    I did not make any remark at all, I was dazed and merely did what I had to do, and I was, then, --of course, we were anxious to get up stairs, and I did not say anything, I did not know anything was loose except a little, --these white dresses which ran across the foot of the bed and the rest of their clothing, which you would expect to find.

Q    Were those nice dresses stained at all?

A    I don't think I observed the under ones, I could not say as to that. I did not notice those details. Of course they were all covered with excepting one arm.

Q    You would not say that there was no lamp there without a chimney?

A    No, I paid no attention ot it, I looked at no details, I could not tell you as to the formation there was in that room. I was looking for no details, other than to hurry to see if there were any people living in the house.

Q    And up stairs you found the, --

A    Lamp was sitting at the foot of the bed in our way, so Hank set it to one side to allow ups to pass, and Hank was ahead of me and he walked around to the corner, --to the left hand side of the bed and turned the cover back, and said, "Here is Joe", and I merely glanced over there the first time, as I came up and I saw that Mr and Mrs Moore were both dead, and I immediately went into the south room, and left the other people with them, I do not know whether any of them come with me to the south room, but I left plenty of them in the north room, while I went to the south room, then we began to count the children, finding where they were at the Moore home discovered that we had two people that we could not account for.

Q    And there was how many people?

A    Eight.

Q    And there was, --

A    One child on the bed to my left as I went into the room, on child in the northeast corner, one to the northwest corner, as I remember.

Q    They were all children of Joe Moore?

A    All children of Mr Moore. I suppose, of course, I did not know some of the children.

Q    But you did no know who the others were down stairs?

A    No.

Q    And they were all stiff? As a board?

A    I did not touch the corpses, I merely inquired the meaning. The bedding was pretty stiff at the head, and the blood and the brains on the pillow were, --had contracted, as it does when killed, will dry, so that it was perfect jelly at that time, and blood clots were dry.

Q    Were any faces exposed at all?

A    Not a face exposed.

Q    Not a face exposed?

A    Nothing, no exposure of any kind except this one arm down stairs.

Q    The windows were all closed?

A    The windows were all down, the curtains were all down and when I went into the south room, I reached up to run the curtain up, and in so doing I knocked that curtain down, I did not put that back up. It seems there was sort of a three window effect, one big window and one little window on each side. I gave it a quick jerk, and I knocked it off, it was so dark in there, and the other in the back room, I ran that up myself.

Q    When you came into the house with these other three men did you notice any order [odor] of any anisthetic?

A    I did not.

Q    Did not notice chloroform, or other?

A    I did not notice no order [odor] at all, any more than you get in a closed room.

Q    How long do you think they had been dead, --as the things,--in your opinion?

A    I would expect five or six hours at least.

Q    You said they were well covered?

A    Entirely.

Q    What way?

A    Either with bedding or discarded clothing, I don't remember now, I think in the down stairs room, I think they were covered with bedding, and in the room where the children were, it was so dark in there, I would not say whether there was clothing in addition to the bedding. The children in there, --their clothing seemed to be more disarranged, I mean the bedding, than it was in the fathers and mothers room. The bedding down stairs in the lower bed room was quite badly disarranged, and the body of the girl on the outside of the bed was slid down at least on-third of the way down in the bed and on the edge of the bed. She was turned up sort of edgewise, and both Stillingers being entirely disfigured, all that we had to go by was the thickened details, she had a very large thigh and seemed to have quite a broad back, and that was the only thing we had.


Q    Did you notice any blood on her body at all?

A    Oh, there was a blood stain on one arm.

Q    Did not see a blood stain on one of her knees?

A    I do not think I exposed here to that extent, I might have, but if I did, I did not notice, because when I went into that room, I was in very much of a hurry to get to the upstairs, because these were two strangers, I think possibly some of the rest, I don't know who, if they all went back again into this room, I did not go back because they were entire strangers to me, but there was nothing for me to do, and when I came dwon [down] from the upstairs I went out on the porch and I stood there talking to the people to keep them out. I was not out over a minute or so until the rest of the people followed me out.


Q    The clothing that were over their faces were they saturated with blood?

A    Not entirely so. There seemed to be more blood on the pillows.

Q    Did not look to you as if any blows had been struck with a club over their faces?

A    No.

Q    Of any one there?

A    I saw no clothes sticking into any of the wounds, in my superfacial examinations, neither did I see any clothing that had XXX any holes in it, I mean any of the sheets or pillows, nothing had a hole in it.


Q    Who was with you when you went in?

A    Mr Horton and Rev Eweing [Ewing].

Q    Was that lamp lit?

A    It was not when I got up there.


Q    No order [odor] as if it had been burning, --the lamp?

A    No, the order [odor] was not the order [odor] that you would get from an anesthetic, and it did not seem overly warm, and I hadn't thought, never entered my head that the lamp had been burning. I did not touch the lamp, I did not know whethere [whether] there was that peculiar order [odor] that you often get.

Q    You did not detect any peculair [peculiar] order [odor] of any kind?

A    Not in the least.

Q    That will be all.


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