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Diane Sutherland

VILLISCA Artist / Illustrator

"Searching the Curtis Barn"

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Diane's illustrations begin with (rather pathetic) rough sketches by Kelly.

This one indicates perspective and placement of the various characters and elements.

This overhead view shows the elements in relation to each other.  "Searching the Curtis Barn" is based on an eye-witness account by Ervalene Curtis Brown--the young girl seen watching from the upstairs window. ecb_1b.jpg (5465 bytes)
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Photos of each element accompany the diagrams along with detailed notes describing the scene.  Here is how Ervalene's house appeared around 1910.

All diagrams, supporting materials, notes, and revisions are sent via e.mail attachment. Diane, who is based near Sacramento, has never met the Rundles.

Diane begins by making a rough sketch using a Macintosh computer and graphics tablet. A "posing" program allows her to place and position people. Next, she uses a "pen and ink" style in Painter software to complete the initial illustration. diane_2.jpg (11036 bytes)
diane_3.jpg (14290 bytes) This "second revision" is returned to Diane with notes typed on the file and with more detailed instructions in an e.mail message.
With all changes made, Diane prints the illustration and transfers the image to art board. Using traditional pen and ink method she completes the illustration. diane_4.jpg (14844 bytes)
diane_8.jpg (53321 bytes) Diane's final illustration of "Searching the Curtis Barn".
The Curtis house as it appeared in March 1998 in Villisca, Iowa. ecb_pic3.jpg (11683 bytes)


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