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Blanche Stillinger

At Villisca, Iowa.

Tuesday, June 18, 1912

Having first been duly sworn, on oath testified as follows, upon examination,


Q    Fay Stillinger, just step up here. Just sit down on that chair there.

What is your full name?

A    Blanche Marie Stillinger.

Q    Call you Fay?

A    No.

Q    Are you Fay?

A    No, sir.

MR. STILLINGER: -- That is a mistake some way or other.

Q    Did you telephone that evening, -- did you answer the phone that evening?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    Who talked to you at that time?

A    Mr Moore.

Q    Mr Moore, Joe Moore, talked to you that evening. Can you remember what time it was?

A    About six o'clock, I think.

Q    Six o'clock in the evening. There was no telephoning later in the evening, at all?

A    No, sir.

Q    And what was the substance of the conversation?

A    He asked if my Mama was there, and I told him she was outside, he said that the girls had been up to Grandmas, that Grandma wasn't going to church so they would all stay down there, he asked if it would be all right, they was afraid to go up to grandmas in the dark, and I told him I thought it would.

Q    Do you remember what day it was, do you. What day was this?

A    It was a Sunday, --Last Sunday.

Q    A week ago yesterday?

A    Yes, sir.

Q    The night before the murder?

A    (Shakes head yes)

Q    You are related to the girls found in the house. You are a sister to Ina and Lena?

A    Yes.

Q    Do you know what their ages were, how old was the girls.

A    Why Lena was 12, will be 12 the first of August, and Ina will be 9 the 3rd of July.


Q    Mr Moore did not telephone out after church then?

A    No, sir.


Q    What time did they come to town?

A    Why before Sunday school in the morning.

Q    In the morning. Had they ever staid [stayed] there before that you know?

A    Yes, sir, Lena staid [stayed] there Friday night before Christmas.

Q    How old are you.

A    14.

Q    Now, is there anything that will assist in any way that you know of, that you haven't told, or haven't been questioned about, to throw any light on it, in any way, that would help us?

A    Not, that I know of.

Q    Who were the other members of your family besides you three, the two girls, how many of them are there?

A    There is eight of us.

Q    Eight of you. Your parents have any hired help at home?

A    Yes, sir, one hidredman [hired man].

Q    How long has he been there?

A    Oh, I don't know.

Q    Your father can tell?

A    Yes, sir.


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