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Anita Casey-Reed

VILLISCA Production Associate

Anita, a native of nearby Atlantic and a film student graduate New York University, is seen here labeling cans of exposed 16mm color film for shipment to the laboratory in Los Angeles.  (1994) anita_2.jpg (10266 bytes)
anita_3.jpg (14973 bytes) Anita positions the microphone for a HI-8 video interview with former Villisca resident Hester Gourley Hugunin. Tammy poses the questions. The wind screen, affectionately referred to as "Mr. Furry," was mistaken for a small dog a number of times. (1994)
Anita, with her Camera Assistant hat firmly in place,   "pulls" focus while Les shoots the axe in Villisca's City Hall. She also conducted several video interviews in addition to performing research in Omaha. (1994) anita_4.jpg (12535 bytes)

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